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Hodge is specifically known for providing quality,  expertise and value adding solutions and services.

Business Consulting

We bring together experts knowledge and industry know-how  with the years of experience we’ve  gained from providing these services both as Employees, Consultants and business owners.

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Our word is our bond


Business is not just about the numbers.

Developing a real understanding of your business and the market you operate in enables experts from our firm to proactively help you drive greater efficiency and increase profitability.

It can help you take advantage of opportunities, whether through identifying new investors and partners or developing and executing an acquisition strategy.

Business advisory services provided across the sectors also include preparing budgets and financial projections.

 Our firm is able to help develop or review business plans and carry out independent business reviews and valuations for lenders and investors as well as Due Diligence.


Risk management is the key to any success in  business, as every business is expose to one form of risk or the other and the ability of the company to identify and control the risk largely determine how far the business will go in achieving set objectives.  At  HEC/HODGE our approach is quite unique, owing to our years of experience managing risk at various level, we guide clients manage risk and uncertainty, from the boardroom to the network

Services in the Enterprise Risk Management category include the following:

Enterprise Risk Management start-up documentation.

Design of the Risk Management governance architecture suitable to the organization including development of organizational ERM road map.

Capability building initiative:

Identification and assessment of potential risks that could affect the achievement of corporate objectives.

Documentation of Risk Register for business units and functional areas

Determination of appropriate supporting risk management system in line with the business nature, scope and size.

Enterprise Risk Management co-sourcing



Businesses and organizations are expected to comply with increasingly stringent governance not only to satisfy regulators but to demonstrate a commitment to best practice to wider stakeholders and investors.

Many clients choose to outsource their governance to our firm, benefitting from direct access to professional advisers, increased efficiency and cost savings.

Working with our specialists in the field also enables you to focus your efforts on developing your business with the assurance that your statutory obligations are being complied with.

We help clients understand and mitigate the risks they face in areas such as regulatory change, new legislation and threats to political instability.



As part of our solution provision, we have leveraged on our experience, skills and contacts to provide accounting software and ERP to support our services. Our software provides the following:

Full Accounting and key modules

Fixed Assets Modules in ERP

Stand Alone Fixed Assets Modules

Software for Specific industries

We install train and support clients.

Where a client has existing software, we access and where necessary integrate any new one with an existing one.

Working for your company's progress


Accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing

This is achieved through a sister company, taking off the burden of the accounting function, providing monthly/quarterly financials, managing payroll and taxes as well as budgeting.


Audit & Assurance

Independent audit and assurance are not just about good governance but valuable tools for benchmarking and improving business performance.

The breadth of knowledge and experience across industries and sectors ensures our firm provides audit and assurance services tailored to the unique needs of your business.

As well as meeting internal reporting requirements and statutory obligations, a robust annual audit identifies both threats and opportunities to your business or organization. Intelligent insight is provided and practical recommendations made.


We also conduct audits on behalf of parent companies, managing and coordinating the audit process across an entire corporate group.



Growing your business through mergers and acquisition, raising finance or looking to join public markets requires specialist advice.  Our firm provides a full range of corporate finance services, from initial assessment of strategy through to deal completion. In-depth knowledge of industry sectors and markets provides valuable insight into specific opportunities and risks for your company. Corporate finance services provided by our firm include: Business valuations; Raising finance; financial restructuring; Negotiations and vendor protections;   IPOs/flotation.

One of the most important elements of any business is the ability to manage assets. Each organization establishes its own unique structure and configuration for physical assets. Good fixed asset management is not just about having the right software. Fixed assets are widely distributed. Assets may be fixed, movable or even mobile. Our experience shows that assets can be moved to new locations, replaced, swapped and removed for repairs. These transactions are usually very difficult to track by many organizations. We provide fixed asset management process review, physical asset auditing and Fixed Asset verification, Tagging and work with our partner Estate Professional Estate valuer to value the assets. Our IT solutions support Fixed Assets.


Tax Planning & Management

Effective compliance and open, transparent reporting are the foundations of a successful and sustainable tax function. Tax strategies that harness the potential of change and align with the needs of the business are crucial to sustainable growth. We create teams of highly trained tax professionals that work with clients on planning, accounting and controls, compliance and reporting and negotiating with tax authorities –. We provide tax compliance; reporting and advisory services covering human capital matters, national business taxes, international tax, transaction tax and indirect taxes, helping our clients manage their tax obligations responsibly and proactively.  Such taxes include PAYE, VAT, WHT, CIT etc


The Industrial Inspectorate Act (Cap 180 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (LFN)), requires entities to support its fixed assets acquired in any financial year worth N500,000 or more, with a CAFA. This certificate will be issued by the Inspectorate Division of the Federal Ministry of Industries. The Federal Inland Revenue Service is empowered to withdraw capital allowances claimed on such fixed assets where there are no acceptance certificates to support them. We assist our client in processing CAFA to enable them take full tax benefits of Fixed Assets acquisition.